Field trips 2018 - 19

The position of Field Secretary position is now filled by John McLellan.  There have been a number of trips over the past few years such as to the Mendips, Northern Pennines and the Colorado Plateau in the USA. Field trips are also organised by the Bath Geological Society and the Bristol Nats (geology section), and there are reciprocal arrangements for members of each of these three groups to attend any of the other group's trips.

7 - 10 May 2020.  Leaders Prof. B. Williams and Dr G. George, co-authors of new book: The red beds of Pembrokeshire.

Feild trip to SW Wales to show all the new research work on the Siluro-Devonian of Pembrokeshire, much of it just published in the book. 

Accommodation: Possibilities include AirB&B, Premier Inn, Fourcroft Hotel, Royal Lion Hotel,. Contact Tourist Office in Tenby, or Treasurer has lists of hotels and guest houses in Tenby.

Group meals in a restaurant on Friday & Saturday nights.

Transport: car sharing. Please contact Treasurer if you need transport/can offer transport.

WEGA trips:


Field trips organised by the Bath Geological Society are posted at this link for 2018, and for the geology section of the Bristol Nats on their geology blog



Download the field report of the Northern Pennine field trip in 2013