2021 - 2022 session

The University lecture rooms remain closed, and so the following meetings

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Please login into the zoom system between 7 and 7.25 pm, as once the lecture starts it is difficult for Judy to keep track of the talk, waiting room and zoom messages.


WEGA members will be emailed with the invitation to each of these zoom meetings separately

Tuesday June 14th Annual General Meeting at 19:00

Followed by lecture at 19:30

  Prof Steve Sparks, Bristol University

Geology around Clevedon Pier

Late Devonian, Lower Carboniferous and Triassic rocks occur within 100 metres of Clevedon Pier. There is a prominent mineralized fault below the Pier Toll house, hosting at least 30 different minerals (Pb-Zn-Cu) and two unconformities. The site has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest as a consequence of the occurrence of rare minerals. Different lithofacies of Triassic include dolomitic lacustrine limestones and an unusual silicified horizons with enigmatic structures. My talk will include comparison of paleo-environments with modern settings.